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Academic Writing

  • Writing an Academic Essay
    Here you will find film lectures that explains the fundamentals of writing an English academic essay.
    Produced by Luke Bailey, lecturer in English, Karlstad University
  • Master you Academic Writing
    Here you will find links to resources which will help you master your academic writing.
    Produced by Luke Bailey, lecturer in English, Karlstad University

Writing and referencing

When writing your thesis there are several practical things you need to master: for instance the ability to reference sources according to the system used in your subject area, and the ability to manage Word programs to make a proper table of contents, etc.

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What is academic and what is not?

The essential characteristic of academic articles is scholarly review. In this case the article is subject to the process of “peer-review” where fellow experts in the field evaluate and asses the research conducted before an article can be approved for publication.

What is an academic or scholarly article?

How to cite pictures, figures, tables and maps

On this page you can read about how to write references to illustrations, i.e. pictures, photographs, tables, maps etc according to the SLU Harvard reference style. You also need to be aware of copyright restrictions when you use other people’s illustrations in your work


In order to avoid plagiarism it is important that you always include all the sources you use, by quoting and referencing correctly.

Avoiding Plagiarism (Film 16:09)
A film that will help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
Luke Bailey, lecturer in English, Karlstad University

English language support

  • English Language Support
    The English language support is open to all students at Karlstad University. Tutors helps you improve your English language skills and make you more confident about using English for academic purposes.