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Computer Science

Academic Writing

  • Writing an Academic Essay
    Here you will find film lectures that explains the fundamentals of writing an English academic essay.
    Produced by Luke Bailey, lecturer in English, Karlstad University
  • Templates   
    Templates for student essays at Karlstad University

Writing and referencing

When writing your thesis there are several practical things you need to master: for instance the ability to reference sources according to the system used in your subject area, and the ability to manage Word programs to make a proper table of contents, etc.

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Critical thinking

  • Critical evaluation of sources   
    To determine whether the information you have found is credible and reliable, you need to evaluate the source of that information critically, regardless


In order to avoid plagiarism it is important that you always include all the sources you use, by quoting and referencing correctly.

Copyright issues

  • Images and copyright     
    How to re-use photographs, tables, maps, works of art, illustrations, etc. that are printed or published on the Internet and protected by copyright.

Copyright for ACM

  • Guidance on Fair Use   
    Certain uses of copyrighted material may be made without obtaining permission from the copyright holder under the Fair Use exception in section 107 of the US Copyright Act. Using any graphic images from a website or another author’s work to illustrate a point in your paper (but not to study, critique, or comment on those images) -- you would need permission or to find images that have been licensed for free use.