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Om systematiska litteraturstudier inom tekniska ämnen

Om systematiska litteraturstudier

Exempel på en systematisk litteraturöversikt

Jansson, T. (2013). Motivation theory in research on agile project management: A systematic literature review. Working paper. Karlstad: Karlstads universitet Fulltext

Iwaya, L. H., Voronkov, A., Martucci, L. A., Lindskog, S. & Fischer-Hübner, S. (2016). Firewall Usability and Visualization: A Systematic Literature Review. Research report. Karlstad: Karlstads universitete Fulltext

Asberg, N., Bjork, T. & Alm Lundin, D. (2020). A literature search assignment: Mobile phones, location, contact tracing and epidemics. Studentuppsats. Karlstad: Karlstads Universitet. Fulltext

Murmann, P. (2020). Information at Your Fingertips: Facilitating Usable Transparency via Privacy Notifications. Diss. Karlstad : Karlstads universitet.  Fulltext