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Harvard KAU - a reference manual from Karlstad University Library

Instructional and educational films

In-text citation:

... according to instructions for Harvard (Victoria University Library 2017).

Reference list:

Victoria University Library. (2017). Harvard Referencing: the basics [vimeo]. https://vimeo.com/vicunilibrary/harvardbasics [2018-08-02]


In-text citation:

(Rogel  2016)

Reference list:

Rogel, I. (2016). Social innovation - definition and process [youtube]. https://youtu.be/j99CqHWLAwA [2018-06-27]


If you don´t know who the director or the producer is , you can look it up in IMBD.

In-text citation:

(La La Land  2016)

Reference list::

La La Land  (2016) [film]. Director: Damien Chazelle. Santa Monica: Summit Entertainment.


If you don´t have the necessary information about a TV-programme or an episode in a TV series, you will find the information in Internet Movie Database - IMBD.

In-text citation:

(Frontline Medicine 2011)

Reference list

Frontline Medicine (2011).  Rebuilding lives [TV-programme]. BBC Two Television, December 1.


In-text citation:

Beulah Garner explains why entomologist Evelyn Cheesman is her hero in the podcast "Natural history heroes: Evelyn Cheesman" (Natural histories 2015).

Reference list:

Natural histories. (2015). Natural history heroes: Evelyn Cheesman [podcast]. BBC Radio 4, October 6.