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Harvard KAU - a reference manual from Karlstad University Library

Chapter in edited book

In an edited book, individual authors each contribute a chapter. The final publication is overseen by the editor(s), and their name(s) will be on the front cover of the book. When you cite one of the chapters in an edited book in your text, you must cite the author(s) of that chapter, not the editor of the book. The use of the word ‘in’  signals to the reader which is the chapter and the host source. Make sure you include the page range of the chapter you are citing.  

In-text citation

(Davis & Johansson 2005)

Reference list

Davis, A. & Johansson, O. (2005). Gender and school leadership in Sweden. In Collard, J. & Reynolds, C. (eds.) (2005). Leadership, gender and culture in education: male and female perspectives. Buckingham: Open University Press, pp.38-49.