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Harvard KAU - a reference manual from Karlstad University Library

Short introduction

The national search service LIBRIS provides information on books and other publicayions, in Swedish university and research libraries as well as some public libraries. Look up the book you want to create a reference to. Find the book and click the "Cite" button. You will then receive the reference to the book, including the Harvard system. Now you can cut and paste the reference into your literature list and adapt it to Harvard KAU.

Book, one author

In-text citation

(Masters 2011)

Reference list

Masters, K. (2011). Nursing theories: a framework for professional practice. Sudbury: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Book, two authors

In-text citation

(Bryman & Bell 2015)

Reference list

Bryman, A. & Bell, E. (2015). Business research methods. 4. ed. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press.


Book, three or more authors

In-text citation

... according to Franceschini et al. (1996).   OR ...(Franceschini et al. 1996).

Reference list

Franceschini, F., Galetto, M. & Maisano, D. (2007). Management by measurement: designing key indicators and performance measurement systems. Berlin: Springer.

Book, electronic

Sometimes there is a printed and an electronic edition of the same title. In that case, write the reference to the electronic book in the same way as to the printed one.

In-text citation

(Sachs 2015).

Reference list

Sachs, J. (2015). The age of sustainable development. New York: Columbia University Press.



For referencing reports, use the same format as book.

In-text citation

(Crook 2000)

Reference list

 Crook, K. (2000). Accounting for share-based payment. Norwalk: Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Example of a report with a corporate author (government, organization or company)

In-text citation

The first time you cite the corporate author use the full name followed by the standard abbreviation or acronym in square brackets:

(World Health Organization [WHO] 2015)

In the following citations you just write the abbreviation:

(WHO 2015)

Reference list

World Health Organization (2015). World report on ageing and health. Geneva: World Health Organization.